• Music for Youth

    Music for Youth of Arlington Heights offers a Suzuki-based stringed instrument program for the violin, viola, and cello. Enrollment is open to children from kindergarten through eighth grade attending a public, private, or home school within District 25 boundaries. Specific registration information is distributed at the beginning of each school year.


    MFY endorses the philosophy of Shinichi Suzuki called "Talent Education." In individual and non-competitive group lessons, children learn through deliberate, repetitive steps modeled by the teacher. The parent then aids this process by reinforcing the lesson concepts at home practices. It is not necessary for the parent to be able to play an instrument or read music to be successful at helping the child. The MFY teaching faculty comprises Suzuki-trained teachers. They have numerous years of experience teaching group and private lessons and perform themselves professionally. Not only will the MFY program help your child learn to play music, but involvement also builds self-esteem while fostering a love for music. 


    MFY is a parent-run, not-for-profit corporation, formed in the summer of 1971. District 25 contributes a share of the program funding. The district provides the program with an administrative liaison, enabling the program to function within district guidelines. MFY lessons are taught one day a week during the school day, either in a 15-minute private lesson or a shared 30-minute lesson format. Specific lesson scheduling is up to the individual MFY teacher, working within the confines of each school’s academic schedule. Parent participation in volunteer activities is highly encouraged in some capacity for the continued success of the MFY program.


    The most important obligation of parents is the willingness to devote regular time to this endeavor. Attending a weekly lesson and bi-weekly repertoire class with their child and guiding them in a daily practice session is essential. The practice session will range from 5-10 minutes at first and increase in length as the child advances.

    • Promotes self-esteem and builds self-confidence
    • Helps develop discipline, concentration, and memory
    • Enhances fine motor skills
    • Encourages cooperation, team building, and problem-solving
    • Allows music appreciation and study at an early age
    • Provides an opportunity to make music with other children

    The year is divided into 2 semesters for payment purposes:

    • 1st semester- September through mid-January
    • 2nd semester- mid-January through May
    1. Weekly lessons (32 lessons a year for non-beginners, 29 lessons a year for beginners)
    2. Bi-weekly group repertoire (14/year for non-beginners)
    3. Solo performances
    4. Formal concerts
    5. Informal concerts

    Additionally, more advanced students may participate in one of three orchestras.

    For more information, please contact Karen Noorani, MFY Faculty Director, at kcnoorani@mfyah.org