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Futabakai School Annual Exchange

  • Every year for at least the last 17 years, Thomas and South Middle Schools have participated in a cultural exchange experience with the Japanese Futabakai School, housed at the former Rand Junior High School. The Futabakai School is an actual Japanese school that provides an opportunity for Japanese students to learn the actual Japanese government sanctioned curriculum. The Futabakai students are mostly students from Japan who will return to Japan.


    As a part of their experience while they are in the United States, students from both middle schools have an opportunity to share and learn about each other’s culture through an exchange. These exchanges usually take place in the fall, and involve students in social studies/World Cultures classes. Students are involved in preparing and leading the activities for the day. As you might imagine, by the end of the experience, students come away with a greater appreciation of our commonalities.  The Futabakai and District 25 teachers also come away with learning more about the school systems and education in another country.

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