Shitara, Japan - Cultural Exchange

  • Arlington Heights School District 25 and the city of Shitara, Japan in Aiichi Prefecture, have established an exchange program to provide our middle school students with an opportunity to make connections through an ongoing exchange program. Whether you host students in your home or visit Japan, the exchange is a life changing and memorable experience.


    While in Japan, students live with Japanese families to learn first hand about Japanese culture. When hosting Japanese students, we have the opportunity to share American culture with them. More than just cultural facts, students and families build relationships that will last a lifetime.


    Although the itinerary may vary from year to year, the visits to Japan also include sightseeing trips to famous places in Nagoya and Kyoto, for example:

  • Nagoya Castle

    Kinkakuji “Temple of the Golden Pavilion”

    Kiyomizu-dera Temple

    Arashiyama Bamboo Forest

    Nijo Castle


    Heian Shrine

    Iwatayama Monkey Park

    Toyota Car Museum