Nanjing, China - Exchange

  • Since approximately 2006, representatives from our district have participated in Administrator’s Fora and other visits to various cities in the country of China, including Shanghai, Nanjing, and Huai’an.   The purpose of bringing the administrators together for these Fora has been to discuss traditional approaches to education, predicted and planned shifts in instructional theory and practice, and recognizing and promoting the individual needs of students as a measure of success for the school in general.   One of the sponsors of these meetings is JESIE, the Jiangsu Educational Services for International Exchange, which promotes cultural exchanges with Chinese educators and students and non-Chinese educators and students.  


    During Spring Break 2016, we took another trip to China and saw several different historic cities.   In order to participate in this trip, at least one student from each family or traveling individually must be enrolled in Mandarin in either Thomas or South Middle Schools.  In addition to visiting historic sites around Beijing, Xi’an, Nanjing and Shanghai, we also participated in a cultural exchange between our two middle schools and the Nanjing No.1 Middle School.   While at the school, the District 25 students, toured the campus, participated in classes and sporting activities, and as a culmination of our visit there, we had the opportunity to share an evening dinner with a host Nanjing family.


    Here is a video telling of the trip:



    In addition to this cultural exchange in Nanjing, the District 25 representatives also visited numerous sites around the country over their nine (9) day trip, including:



    - Forbidden City - Tianenmen Square - Summer Palace
    - Peking University - Temple of Heaven - Rickshaw Ride Through the Hutongs
    - Sacred Path of the Ming Tombs - Authentic Roast Duck Banquet - 2008 Beijing Olympic Sites
    - Bird’s Nest & Water Cube - LaoShe Tea House - Shopping at the largest Jade Center in Asia



    - Educational Exchange with Nanjing No. 1 Junior Middle School

    - Share in instructional class time with host Chinese Students

    - Home Visit or Shared Meal with Chinese Host Family

    - Sightseeing in Nanjing, including visiting Sun Yat Sen’s Mausoleum and hiking on the Nanjing City Wall



    - Visit the famous Bund restaurant district                     

    - Take a Night Cruise on the Huangpu River

    - Shopping Opportunities in the Shanghai Historic District and visit to Shanghai Museum