Private/Parochial Services

  • In compliance with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act of 2004 (IDEA 2004), District 25 provides child find/evaluations and special education services to parentally-placed students attending local private/parochial schools or students who receive home schooling.  The District is required to utilize a portion of its federal funds (referred to as Proportionate Share) to provide special education services to parochial and private schools within our attendance boundaries.  District 25, in agreement with participating private/parochial schools, has chosen to use these funds to provide speech and language services to qualifying students. The District also provides child find (screening and evaluation) services, at no charge, to students.  Students attending Christian Liberty School, Northwest Suburban Montessori, Our Lady of Wayside School, St. James School, and St. Peter School are included in this program.



    Throughout the year, the District receives requests to evaluate students who are home-schooled or attending private/parochial schools.  The District is legally obligated to consider each evaluation request.  Based on a review of existing data and information from both parents and teachers, the District will determine if an evaluation is appropriate.  The District does not automatically grant all evaluation requests, for a number of reasons.  In the event that you feel that your child should be evaluated for special education, you may contact your child’s teacher at his/her private/parochial school, or send a letter directly to the Department of Student Services requesting an evaluation. More information on evaluation procedures and considerations for non-public school students can be found here.



    Local public schools, including Arlington Heights School District 25, do not provide the full range of special education services to students attending private/parochial schools or home-schools as they do for students in public schools.  The District meets with local participating private/parochial schools and home-schooling parents to discuss the types of services that will be provided by the District under Proportionate Share.  Generally, most districts opt to provide speech-language services only. Students receive a specific amount of service, regardless of the severity of their disability. Should you wish to access a greater level of support for your child (as recommended by the educational team completing the evaluation), you may choose to enroll your child in the public school district of residence in order to receive the full range of services.


    Timely and Meaningful Consultation

    In compliance with IDEA, District 25 meets with parents and staff from private and parochial schools on an annual basis to discuss how it will support students with special education needs in those schools or who are home schooled.  This meeting is typically held in May of each school year. To view the presentation from May 2016, please select the 2016 TMC Presentation link on the right side of the page.