Welcome to Arlington Heights School District 25!

  • Welcome to District 25!


    As a Certified/Licensed staff member (.5 FTE or greater) or a full-time IMFR staff member, you are eligible for benefits. Benefit elections are completed online and must be done within 30 days of your start date.  Even though your benefits will not begin until your first day of work, you will be able to access Bswift, the online benefit portal, only after you receive the enrollment email sent to your District 25 email address.  The enrollment email is an indication that you have been entered into the Bswift system and your enrollment window has been opened. 

    You can directly access Arlington Heights School District 25’s online enrollment site by using the web address www.sd25benefits.bswift.com


    Username: The first initial of your first name plus your last name (e.g. John Smith = JSmith)

    Password: The FIRST FOUR digits of your Social Security Number


    Bswift allows you 24/7 access, the ability to review plan information, and make benefit elections all at your own convenience. Even if you do not plan on electing District benefits, you are still required to log into Bswift and go through each enrollment screen to either select or waive each benefit. There are annual notices that each benefit eligible employee needs to read which is part of the process. 


    Premium rates, plan information, summary of benefit coverage for each medical plan, required annual notices and many other documents can be found in the Bswift library. 


    When enrolling your spouse/dependents, the District requires dependent verification by uploading the following documentation to your employee file in Bswift.


    • Spouse/Partner – Marriage/Civil Union Certificate
    • Children – Birth Certificate / Adoption Document / Legal Guardian Certificate


    Once your enrollment is complete, you should receive your ID cards within 3 weeks. 

    You cannot make changes to benefit elections outside of the new hire enrollment or open enrollment period unless you have a qualifying “life change” event. More information regarding changes to benefits and qualifying life events are available in the annual notices and in the Bswift library. 



    Please let us know if you have any questions - email (benefits@sd25.org)