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Meet your new admin: Brad Carter, Westgate Elementary School

The new building administrators have jumped right into their new roles here in Arlington Heights School District 25, but they still had some time to answer a few quick questions to better introduce themselves to their communities.

Below is who Brad Carter is as the Principal at Westgate Elementary School.


Give us a brief history of your career...what has lead you to this new role in District 25?

I started out teaching 6th grade in CCSD15 at Lincoln School. After the classroom, I began my career in administration in Schaumburg SD 54 and served as an assistant principal for two years and a principal for 9 years. Westgate School is my third building serving as a building principal. 


Tell us about your home life...who, what, where?

I'm originally a "south-sider" growing up in Chicago Ridge, Dolton, and Palos Heights. I met my college sweetheart, Tracy, at Eastern Illinois University and she swept me up to the northwest suburbs. Hoffman Estates is where I call home now and it's where I'm raising my three children - Holden (9), Hadley (6), and Hudson (1). 


The ideal way I spend my free time is.....

Watching my children engage in their many activities. Whether I'm freezing at an ice rink or getting poured on by rain at a soccer match, I wouldn't want to spend it any other way. Seeing my children love what they do and have success at it makes for a perfect day!


What is your vision for your respective school? What do you hope to accomplish?

Westgate School is a very proud and respected community school. I hope to build relationships with my teachers, families and students to continue to support our school's mission and vision. 


If I were an animal...I would be...

I'd be an Australian Shepard. They are very loyal dogs, unique in appearance, and highly active. Our family has one "Aussie" named Libby. She's a five-year old red merle with blue and green speckled eyes. 


Why did you originally become an educator?

I was the youngest of six kids and have always been around A LOT of kids (mostly my nieces and nephews).  When picking a profession, I wanted to find something that would contribute in supporting my community and making it a better place. Being around my nieces and nephews all the time served as training for the profession. 


Anything else you want to say to your community?

Thank you for the warm welcome! Being new to a place can be overwhelming and intimidating, but your support and kindness has made me feel right at home. I'm looking forward to working collaboratively with teachers, parents and students for years to come.

Adam Harris