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Westgate Elementary Alumni Wanted: 20 Years, One Teacher

January 30, 2016

Arlington Heights, IL – The music room at Westgate Elementary is Jerry Berger’s. That is a simple, yet impactful statement, as the Westgate community reflects on a 20-year man.

Twenty years ago Jerry Berger took his place in the Westgate music room and has since taught thousands of students the values and art of music, instruments and singing.

This spring, Mr. Berger will lead his fifth graders in their annual Fifth Grade Musical Program usually put on for parents and staff. This year’s program, however, hopes to feature as many “Berger Alumni” as possible.

On April 7th, Mr. Berger and the Westgate community are very excited to welcome anyone, high school age and above, to return to glory on the Westgate stage and participate in a reunion music program for the Arlington Heights community.

“It would be a special time as I pass this 20 year milestone in my career that anyone that wants to relive the fond memories of Westgate, come back and share it with me and our community,” Berger said.

The hope is to gather as many of Berger’s former students as possible to attend the fifth grade program night at Westgate Elementary on April 7th. The alumni would be encouraged to join the 5th grade students in singing a few familiar songs, and, for those who are still active in music, to share their talents with the audience. Others who don’t wish to participate are very welcome to come and watch as many generations of Berger alumni honor the past 20 years.

Refreshments and snacks will be provided, aimed at creating an atmosphere to mingle and catch up with former Westgate students and alumni. Tours of the building will be conducted so anyone who wishes can see their old rooms and possibly catch up with their former teachers.

If you are a Westgate alumnus and a Berger alumnus, please email Jerry Berger ( or Communications Coordinator, Adam Harris ( to express interest in attending this fun event. If you have any questions regarding the event, please inquire via email as well.

It is time to dust off those vocals and instruments and put them to use, reflecting on 20 years of Westgate with Jerry Berger.

Adam Harris