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VIDEO: 100 D25 Students put on a tech conference

March 11, 2016


Arlington Heights, IL – If you walked through the halls Wednesday night at Thomas Middle School, you would have thought it was the middle of the day.

Parents, students, teachers, and community members filled the hallways and classrooms but with one major difference. The students were the teachers this night.

This was all a part of Teachnology Fair 2016, a night of community engagement, put on by the District 25 PTA and District 25. A notice was sent out asking for volunteer students to prepare a 30-minute presentation on a technological program or asset that they are passionate about, and teach the community. 

Teachnology Fair 2016 Video

Students jumped at the opportunity to showcase their passion for learning and growing through programs, robots, educational games, etc. In fact, an estimated 100 students prepared to speak to their technological strength, nearly double the participants of last years’ Teachnology Fair.

“Kids are so involved in tech these days, this gives them a chance to share what they know with friends, students, parents and the community,” PTA Chair and Teachnology Fair 2016 organizer, Amy Reed said.

Students gleamed with pride as other students walked up to their displays or into their classrooms to inquire about the topic they had prepared. One student, Will S. of Ivy Hill Elementary, brought his Meccano robot (pictured above).

“This was really hard to work on and build,” Will said. “It drove me crazy and it drove my dad crazy, so it’s great to bring it here to show it off.”

Will programed his robot to react to his voice using certain commands. His peers, along with different District 25 parents were very interested in hearing more.

Every school and every grade was represented at Teachnology Fair 2016 on Wednesday night. Even a kindergartner from the Dryden community had her iPad programs on display.

“We are so proud of our students here in District 25,” Assistant Superintendent of Personnel and Planning, Jake Chung said. “Tonight is a great way for them to showcase their passions through technology.”

Adam Harris