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VIDEO: ‘Thank you’ in a big way at Dryden

May 13, 2016


Arlington Heights, IL – Students lined the hallways of Dryden, bursting with anticipation, excitement, and gratitude.

“There they are!” one student exclaimed as she saw a group of adults turn the corner and start walking toward them.

Then all of the anticipation was unleashed, turning into cheers and high fives, all for this special group of Dryden community members.

“I felt like a rock star,” Dryden parent and devoted volunteer Doris Flynn said.

Flynn volunteers and donates her time in the Dryden LMC, for the book club and apple core, and on field trips. Today, she and her fellow volunteers were being honored and thanked by Dryden students and staff with a breakfast and a parade.

District 25 is nothing without its parent and community volunteers, and Dryden Elementary School’s students and staff just wanted to say thank you.

And on this cool spring morning of May 12, the Dryden commons was turned into a ceremonial breakfast nook, with six tables full of people who have contributed their time, effort and care to help make Dryden the great elementary school it is.

“What helps make a person a successful part of society, beyond college, is not only test scores, but involvement within and dedication to their community,” Dryden Principal Akemi Sessler said to the volunteers being celebrated. “The example you have all set is great for our students to model going forward.”

The Dryden Volunteer Breakfast is a simple way for the Dryden students and staff to say thank you. Thank you to parents who work tirelessly for the PTA, or who volunteer on field trips, or who make copies for teachers who don’t have time, or who organize parties and special functions that go on in the school.

The students made posters that decorated the commons and they put together packets of custom stationary for the volunteers to take home and use as thank you cards in the future.

District 25’s food service provided a breakfast and Principal Sessler said a few gracious words before introducing the video featuring clips of all Dryden Dolphins dancing to the song Better When I’m Dancin’ by Meghan Trainor. That received a lot of smiles and laughs from the volunteers.

Then it was off to the hallway for the thank you parade. District 25 has volunteers at every school that help make this a strong and driven district. Thank you.


Adam Harris