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The message is simple. Dude. Be nice. Yet this simple message has driven a large movement at South Middle School, and then reached people all accross the Chicagoland area.

This week was the second annual, student run, dude. be nice. week at South Middle School where students put together a week long program to reconnect their minds and thoughts towards being nice to one another.

It kicked off with a visit from the CEO and Founder of the kindness focused apparal company dude. be nice. Brent Camalich, and ABC 7 Chicago was there to help spread the word.


Camalich spent the day with students, walking them through a training on how to be ambassadors of the message that dude. be nice. is promoting kindness among the world, focusing on the youth.

After the kick off, students expressed their desire to be nice to one another through engaging videos shown during morning annoucements, hanging signs and posters around the school, and participating in a spirit week where each day a diferent clothing option represented the cause.



The week was a big success and reached many people accross the Chicagoland area. Visit District 25's Facebook page and share any of the videos/posts above to spread the message yourself!

Adam Harris