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Taking a closer look using photography


At the beginning of this year, students asked Principal Boston if she could find a teacher to help start and lead a Photography Club after school.

Ms. Boston's search was quick, as Resource Teacher, Gillian Falknor has an interest in photography. The club is very successful, as students are given conceptual photo assignments in rooms around South and set free to find and shoot what interests them.


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Here are some examples from the photo club members:

Credit: John Bartsch

Photo credit: John Bartsch


Credit: Ursula Johlie

Photo credit: Ursula Johlie

Credit: Lucia Sanchez Scriven

Photo credit: Lucia Sanchez Scriven


Credit: Emily Robinson

Photo credit: Emily Robinson


Credit: Divi Suresh

Photo credit: Divi Suresh


Credit: Diana Mihaylova

Photo credit: Diana Mihaylova


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Adam Harris