What happens at an IEP meeting?

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Parents will be notified more than 10 days before a scheduled IEP meeting. District staff make every effort to convene meetings at convenient times for parents, however meetings will most often be held during teachers’ contractual hours (8:15-3:45 for elementary teachers, 7:45-3:15 for middle school teachers). If 10-day notice is not possible, parents will be asked to sign a waiver during the meeting. Parents will also be provided with an agenda for the meeting.


To begin the meeting, the facilitator (the LEA or the child’s case manager) will begin with introductions. Parents will then be provided with copies of their parental rights, District policies and other paperwork as appropriate. All meeting attendees will be asked to sign in. A notetaker will take notes throughout the meeting which will become a part of the child’s IEP.


The meeting will begin with a discussion of the child’s present levels of performance including strengths and areas of development. Parents are asked to provide input into these areas as well as bring up any additional concerns. The team will then discuss progress toward current goals and/or establish new goals, review educational services, accommodations, assessment and any other relevant points. The team will also discuss placement recommedations for a child at annual reviews and evaluation meetings.

At the end of the meeting, parents will be provided with a copy of the child’s IEP. This may take 10-15 minutes to get updated paperwork based on any changes discussed at the meeting so parents may opt to receive the paperwork later on that day via their child’s backpack or electronically.