How does my child become eligible for an IEP?

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Children can become qualified for services via an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) through a variety of avenues including the following:

  • Child Find: It is the legal responsibility of the District to seek out pre-school aged children in the community who may need early intervention support. With parental consent, the child is then evaluated by District 25 staff.
  • Response to Intervention: If a child is having difficulty in school, school staff will contact parents an initiate interventions as outlined (link to RtI here). If a child needs more support, an evaluation may be recommended. With parental consent, the child would then be evaluated by District 25 staff.
  • Parent Request: If parents have concerns about their child in the academic environment, they may request that the District staff complete an evaluation. The school staff will consider the request and either agree to or decline the request. Parents will be notified in writing of the District’s decision regarding requests for evaluation.
  • Outside Evaluation: If parents have a child evaluated outside of the District, they may choose to share the information with the school staff. If parents request consideration for an IEP based on an outside evaluation, the school staff will meet to review the information and consider the request. The team can decide one of the following: 1) agree to create an IEP based on the outside evaluation information; 2) convene a meeting to discuss an internal evaluation for additional data that may be needed; or 3) decline the request to create an IEP based on the outside evaluation.