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    Parent Academy is a partnership between parents and District 25, in which parents are invited to join our community of learners. The goal of Parent Academy is to provide learning opportunities for parents to better understand ways to support their students’ academic success and personal well-being. We welcome parents and families to engage in various activities and events to explore topics related to mental health, well-being, equity and inclusion, and academics. Scroll this page for archived newsletters, further resources, or to submit an idea/topic for the next Parent Academy newsletter.

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    February 23, 2023 | Milestones for Kids Growing Up in the Digital Age

    To find other Parent Education Events happening in our area or online, check out the calendars and resources below:

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    District 25 is always open to what you think! If you have an idea for a topic for our next parent academy, please send that idea to Adam Harris, Head of Communications & Storytelling. He can be reached via email at aharris@sd25.org.