Community E-Flyers

District 25 E-Flyer Guidelines

  • The following criteria apply to all materials submitted for online distribution:

    • All postings will need to be compatible with the AHSD25 educational mission and philosophy as determined by the superintendent or designee.
    • Only events sponsored by nonprofit organizations and intergovernmental agencies may be publicized in this manner. No commercial publications shall be posted or distributed unless the purpose is to further an activity or program that is initiated or sponsored by the school district.
    • Community, educational, charitable, recreational, or similar groups, may advertise events pertinent to students' interests or involvement. All material for distribution must be student-oriented and have the sponsoring organization's name prominently displayed.
    • Flyers for fundraisers will only be approved if the fundraiser directly benefits District 25 students or if District 25 students are participating as part of an organized District club/classroom project. (must be for a verified 501c3 or directly benefit Dist 25 or a specific school per new guidelines)
    • Arlington Heights School District 25 reserves the right to request verification of a charitable organization's non-profit status and to refuse posting/distribution of materials from organizations which do not meet these requirements.
    • Flyers may not include any verbiage regarding alcohol, tobacco, drugs, or similar products.
    • Solicitation or distribution will not be authorized on behalf of any organizations which may create a disruptive force or a threat
    • Flyers must be in pdf format. Do not ask permission to link to your website. Website content often changes and District 25 cannot be responsible for monitoring other organizational websites.
    • Distribution of flyers to staff is a building based decision made by the Principal or Assistant Principal. 

    Approval Process:

    • The request to post a flyer should be submitted at least ten days prior to the posting date.
    • Those wishing to submit a flyer to be posted must complete a District 25 E-Flyer Request to Post Form, attach a pdf of the flyer, and submit both to Darcy Moder via email at


    The Superintendent’s Office will make the final determination of eligibility for posting and/or distribution and appropriateness of the material for District 25 students. You will be notified via email of approval/denial or if any additional information is required.

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