AHSD25 Technology Device Insurance Information

  • District 25 partners with One2One Risk Solutions to provide accident protection for student-issued iPad or Chromebooks. Registering with One2One (details below) and purchasing a damage waiver will protect you from the cost of repairing or replacing your institution-issued device and limit your responsibility to a per-occurrence deductible, should a loss occur. The student and parent/guardian are responsible for maintaining any technology device provided by the school district as indicated in the school technology inventory. If the technology has a failure of an internal part, it is covered by a warranty and will be repaired at no cost by Arlington Heights School District 25.
    The decision to participate in the program is optional, however, if damages or losses occur and a protection plan is not in place, families may be responsible for the repair or replacement costs. If you are interested in registering, you will need your student’s ID number.
    For questions or additional information about the program, please e-mail GGB.one2one@ajg.com

    Program Documents


    Other FAQs

    What if a student device is stolen?
    If a student device is stolen, the family should notify the building administration and file a police report as soon as possible. A police report will be required to formally document the theft and receive a replacement device. 

    What if I do not purchase the One2One Protection Plan and my student device needs a repair?

    Whether or not a student device is covered by a One2One Protection Plan, upon needing repair, the student should follow their buildings repair process. If, at that time, a student device repair is submitted and the device is WITHOUT a protection plan, a repair fee will be assessed and charged for anything not covered by the current warranty.

    The One2One Protection Plan may be purchased anytime during the school year and will cover repairs made from the date of payment forward.

    Is there a way to lower the risk of having to pay repair and/or replacement fees?

    Yes. The District is providing an optional One2One Protection Plan. For a $15 damage waiver cost per student device per year, a student’s device is covered for the following issues:

    • Cracked screens
    • Charger port failure
    • Broken LED/LCD displays
    • Accidental damage
    • Fire/Lightning
    • Electrical surge
    • Damages to loaner/replacement device
    • Computer peripherals
    • Liquid damage
    • Loss/Theft (requires a police report)

    Although not required, the District strongly encourages families to purchase a protection plan for each student device each school year. The One2One Protection Plan is less expensive than a device repair for an unprotected device. Further, in the event a Chromebook is damaged, the cost without a protection plan is the cost of the deduction. Instead, with a protection plan in place, lost Chromebooks are fully covered by paying for the $15 Chromebook One2One Protection Plan.

    The protection plan can be purchased any time during the school year and only covers completed repair claims made AFTER payment has been received. As a result, families are highly encouraged to purchase the One2One Protection Plan as soon as it is available.

    What fees are charged for the repair or replacement of a student devices and accessories?

    Students are responsible for taking care of their District-issued device. In the event the device, AC adapter (charging cable), or protective carrying case is damaged or lost, fees will be assessed at the time a repair claim is created, using the fee schedule below. Students should not replace any of their own parts for needed repairs or lost items.

    2023-24 Chromebook Repair/Replace Fee Schedule (subject to change):

    • Chromebook Replacement (lost or total replacement): $325
    • Chromebook Repair: Actual Cost ($30 - $200)
    • AC Adapter/Charging Cable: $30
    • Carrying Case: $20

    2023-24 iPad Repair/Replace Fee Schedule (subject to change):

    • iPad Replacement (lost or total replacement): $475
    • iPad Repair: Actual Cost ($69 - $200)
    • Charging Cable: $30