Student Devices

  • District 25 provides all students with a district-issued device: iPad for K-2 students and Chromebooks for 3-8 students. These devices are intended to support the instructional goals of the classroom and school as well as communication between the student and teacher. Devices are provided without charge to families and optional device insurance is available in case of damage or loss. Families must complete the registration process including agreeing to the parent/student handbook that includes the acceptable use information. Cases or sleeves will be provided to assist with transporting the devices. All iPads and Chromebooks have a profile that provides the same content filtering at home as in school. Student devices are forced into Google SafeSearch (via Securly) regardless of whether a student is logged in or not. When SafeSearch is on, it helps filter out explicit content in Google's search results for all queries across images, videos, and websites. No content filter is 100% perfect as new sites are created all the time and active monitoring at any location assists in keeping students engaged in school-related content.

Student Device Responsibilities

  • Arlington Heights School District 25 (AHSD25) is not responsible for any loss or damage done to the device while in possession of the student. The student and parent/guardian are responsible for maintaining any technology device provided by the school district as indicated in the school technology inventory. If loss or damage occurs, the student and parent or guardian may be responsible for the repair or replacement of the device (see replacement/repair information below). If the technology has a failure of an internal part, it is covered by a warranty and will be repaired at no cost by Arlington Heights School District 25. Please contact your teacher in the case you need a repair and they will assist with that process.

    1. Student use must adhere to the Access to District Electronic Network and Appropriate Use of Online Resources agreed to during the registration process and located in the parent/student handbook. These documents apply to the use and care of the Student Device both at and outside school.
    2. Student technology supplied by AHSD25 is designated for use by the student only and will be used for instructional purposes, not for recreational or employment activities.
    3. Device use unrelated to the AHSD25 educational program (including but not limited to downloading of personal games or music and installing additional applications) is prohibited.
    4. AHSD25 has the right to recall and review the contents of the student device at any time including any personal information that may be stored on or accessible by the device.
    5. Modifying or changing device settings and /or internal or external configurations without appropriate permission is prohibited.
    6. Student technology devices have the same district Internet content filtering services whether they are used at school or at home. However, no filter is 100% perfect so parents/guardians are still responsible for monitoring their students’ use including configuring home filtering options as needed.
    7. If student technology is damaged it must be reported to the teacher or school officials as soon as possible to coordinate repairs. If technology is stolen, you will file a police report in addition to notifying the school.
    8. Student technology must be returned as designated by the teacher, school or district schedule and in the same condition as it was provided by the district.
    9. Failure to return issued technology or unpaid fines/repairs may result in the school putting a hold on student records or further disciplinary action.

    What fees are charged for the repair or replacement of a student devices and accessories?
    Students are responsible for taking care of their District-issued device. In the event the device, AC adapter (charging cable), or protective carrying case is damaged or lost, fees will be assessed at the time a repair claim is created, using the fee schedule below. Students should not replace any of their own parts for needed repairs or lost items.

    2023-24 Chromebook Repair/Replace Fee Schedule (subject to change):

    • Chromebook Replacement (lost or total replacement): $325
    • Chromebook Repair: Actual Cost ($30 - $200)
    • AC Adapter/Charging Cable: $30
    • Carrying Case: $20

    2023-24 iPad Repair/Replace Fee Schedule (subject to change):

    • iPad Replacement (lost or total replacement): $475
    • iPad Repair: Actual Cost ($69 - $200)
    • Charging Cable: $30