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  • District 25 began its intentional and purposeful journey towards equity in the summer of 2020 with a resolution affirming the Arlington Heights School District 25 Board of Education’s Commitment to Eliminate Racial Injustice as well as the adoption and signing of Policy 1:32 - Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. What began as a policy has grown into action through awareness, staff development, community engagement, and is embedded in the District’s Strategic Plan 21-25.

    In May 2022, the Board created a new position to help better focus on and put action into the District’s DEIB journey. Since then, the Director of Equity's focus has been on staff/professional development & empowerment, community awareness, and advocacy for our students, staff, and the community.

    This journey towards equity is ongoing, as the District is learning every day. However, we believe it is important to be a resource for those who are willing to learn and go on this journey with us about Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB).

  • DEIB isn't scary. The goal of DEIB work isn’t to take from people. It is a way to recognize that different people exist in our world and use that recognition to best support all of our learners. DEIB discussions and training and work is to give ALL learners a voice. My goal is to be a consistent voice and perspective for the students who might not always be top of mind. - Mrs. Poloz

What we do!

  • Professional Development

    District 25's Department of Equity believes every person (student, staff member, community member) should feel like they fully belong in our community. We are working towards that belief by spreading awareness with our staff through professional development sessions lead by experts in the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion field.

    Through surveys to gather feedback after the PD sessions, we have come to realize that our staff has craved training like this for a very long time. While our work is never done, we are excited to continue to create the opportunity and space for our staff to continue to make District 25 a place where any student or person can feel at home.

    After all, the impact our staff has on our students cannot be measured. That is where true equity growth can be felt, within those staff -> student relationships.


    Implicit Bias Training | August 2023

    “Out of Sight, Out of Mind: How Implicit Bias Impacts the Way We Serve Our Students”

    Lead by Dr. Sheldon Eakins, the entire District 25 staff participated in a training on Implicit Bias. Through varying examples of Implicit Bias in various settings, Dr. Eakins provided our staff with a complete understanding of the fundamental premise of Implicit Bias. True stories and research illustrated the emotional and behavioral dynamics within Implicit Bias.


    Extended Implicit Bias Training | August 2023

    “Dealing with Racial Slurs”

    How can teachers/staff address instances in which students use racial slurs towards one another? What about slurs within the curriculum? Dr. Eakins addressed these questions with strategies for taking preventative measures and responses.

    This was held one day after Dr. Eakins addressed District 25's entire staff. This was a more intimate space for him to present and collaborate with the District's Middle School teachers and staff. The thought here was that Middle School is a place where students begin to find their own voice and experience within our world. Middle School teachers and staff are not only guiding their students academically, but they are helping them as their world becomes larger. Dr. Eakins created a space for the Middle School teachers to voice specific situations that have occurred within their classrooms. Dr. Eakins provided tips, guidance, and perspective that our teachers could take back to their classrooms to help everyone feel as heard and seen as they deserve.


    DEI Considerations in the English Language Arts Classroom | November 2023

    “Navigating Controversy: Crafting Inclusive Lesson Plans for Challenging Texts”

    Opportunity and space was again created for the District's middle school staff to continue their learning around equity in education. Dr. Eakins checked in on the year, again addressing specific situations our middle school staff brought up, providing tips, perspective, and guidance for our teachers to take back to their classrooms. This session was vital to our staff, who felt free to openly express their need for support in this topic of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Dr. Eakins has been an incredible resource so far for our District and its staff.



    As the DEIB process continues to grow and evolve around the District, the Director of Equity is working towards or has completed the following: