Student Teaching

  • District 25 has worked collaboratively with universities to provide pre-service training and student teaching opportunities for students studying to be teachers. Each year approximately 25 people begin their student teaching and take their first step in becoming a professional educator in District 25. Student teachers generally work with a cooperating teacher who is a member of our staff of professional educators. They work with students for a length of time determined by their universities.
    The relationship between cooperating teacher and student teacher is beneficial for a variety of reasons. The student teacher experiences working with highly qualified cooperating teachers in an atmosphere rich with educational resources. The school district benefits by having a source of new energy and enthusiasm that causes the professional staff to engage in continuous improvement in their own practices.

    Student teachers provide the district with a constant influx of fresh perspectives. Having a student teacher working with students for a semester also affords the district an opportunity to view the student teacher over an extended period of time. This extended period of time makes it easy to see growth and to determine the professional potential of the student teacher.

    Placement Process for Student Teaching
    These procedures have been designed to provide a service for the district that assures the following: 
    1. Equitable treatment of all student teaching applicants based on these procedures
    2. Review of qualifications of applicants
    3. Organization for the interview and placement process

    Our goal is to assure that the best possible candidates enter our district as student teachers, thus preventing any compromise of the quality and safety of our schools.

    In order to be considered for a student teaching position, university placement coordinator must submit the following documents to Kasia Kosinska at 

    1. A letter of request for placement from the university
    2. All applicable transcripts
    3. A personal data sheet or resume
    Requests for placement are handled in the following manner:
    1. Documents should be submitted no later than March 21st for student teaching placement during the following school year. 
    2. Each applicant's qualifications are reviewed beginning in early spring with the goal of making all placements by the end of May. 
    3. The applicant may interview with the potential cooperating teachers. A placement will be determined based upon the results of the interview.

Observation Request

  • Requests for observation hours are handled by the District 25 Human Resources Office. To begin the observation process in our district, you must complete the AHSD 25 Observation Request Form and email it to  If we can accommodate your request, District 25 requires the following additional information: 
    1. Fingerprint Results
    2. Signed AHSD 25 Confidentiality Statement
    Please note, our student teaching program is extensive and already takes up much of the planning time of staff, therefore we may not be able to accommodate all observation requests.

    For additional information about student teaching or school observations, please call or email:
    Kasia Kosinska