Get 2 Know Ya' - D25 Podcasts

  • This is a monthly podcast, hosted by Communications Coordinator Adam Harris. Adam sits down with a different Administrator each month to "Get to Know" them. Find out the latest news from the different departments in SD25 all while answering the question, who are the people running your District?


    April 2018
    Principal Donna Bingaman of Greenbrier Elementary School

    March 2018
    Principal Brian Kaye of Thomas Middle School

    February 2018
    Principal Piper Boston of South Middle School

    September 2017
    Principal Akemi Sessler of Dryden Elementary

    August 2017
    Principal Becky FitzPatrick of Olive-Mary Stitt Elementary

    July 2017
    Principal Dr. Brad Carter of Westgate Elementary

    June 2017
    Principal Eric Larson of Patton Elementary

    April 2017
    Principal Shelley Fabrizio of Windsor Elementary


    February 2017
    Principal Scott Kaese of Ivy Hill Elementary

    January 2017
    Communications Coordinator Adam Harris

    December 2016
    Asst Supt of Student Services Aimee LeBlanc, J.D.


    November 2016
    Asst Supt of Personnel & Planning Jake Chung

    October 2016
    Superintendent Dr. Lori Bein


    September 2016
    Asst Supt of Business/CSBO Stacey Mallek


    July 2016
    Asst Supt of Student Learning Dr. Eric Olson


    June 2016
    Director of Facilities & Grounds Ryan Schulz


    May 2016
    Director of Food Services Coletta Hines-Newell


    April 2016
    Director of Technology Chris Fahnoe

Pop UP Podcast

  • District 25 will release a Pop UP Podcast when an update is needed on a topic or an event in the District. The hope is for Arlington Heights to stay up to date on important subjects and topics going on in District 25 while driving around, cooking dinner, running errands, etc.

    Math In Focus - Parent Night Recap

    Japanese Student Exchange

    Thank You Teachers & Staff
    w/ Superintendent Dr. Lori Bein

    Strategic Planning Update
    w/ Superintendent Dr. Lori Bein