Logos, colors, branding...oh my!

  • In October of 2015 we began a project to align and update all of our school logos and colors in order to create a greater sense of ownership, pride, and sustainable recognition within our immediate community and the Arlington Heights community as a whole.

    A parent in the District and professional graphic designer, Tom Riesing, had already donated his time and talent to create professional logos for four of our schools (Thomas, South, Windsor, and Dryden). Communications Coordinator, Adam Harris, reached out to Mr. Riesing and he agreed to do the same thing for the remaining 5 schools.

    Mr. Riesing and our Communications Coordinator went school by school and met with each principal to see what they envisioned. Mr. Riesing took the information from those meetings and put together two options that the students in the school could vote on. Whichever logo won the vote became the new logo.

    Mr. Riesing then created four to five other/alternate logos and word-marks and gave the school official colors based off of the voted logo. The final logos and colors are being implemented throughout the schools and their communities via the website, hallway art, t-shirts, etc. This project was completed in November of 2017.

    The logos are below, along with the hex color numbers for each school. These logos are being implemented in many levels across all of our schools. A few examples are below in how they are being implemented.

    If you wish to use these logos or any of these colors in combination with our District/school names, please contact Communications Coordinator, Adam Harris.


If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.


  • Ivy Hill Elementary posted their logos with their message in their colors in the commons.     Patton used their new logos and colors to create excitement at an art show with a photo backdrop.

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.