New Curriculum Alert


    On December 13, 2018, the District 25 Board of Education approved the adoption of the new Early Childhood curriculum. It is called "Creative Curriculum". Check out this video, showing how this new curriculum has already had an impact on our students and teachers. This concluded a two year exploration and study, aimed at updating the Early Childhood curriculum that supported family involvement.

Welcome to Early Childhood at SD25!

  • Arlington Heights School District 25 and Greenbrier Elementary School are proud of our early childhood programming for three to five year old residents of District 25. Please read below for information on the benefits of the Early Childhood Program and for details on how to apply to be considered for the program.


    Early Childhood

    School Hours:
    Early Childhood AM: 9:20am-11:40am
    Early Childhood PM: 12:50pm-3:20pm
    *Early Childhood is M-TH
    Grades 1-5: 9:05am- 3:35pm


    District 25 provides special education for the following:

    • Early Childhood Special Education (for three-, four-, and five-year olds who show unusual delay in development)
    • Speech and Language Impairment
    • Impaired visionEarly Childhood Brochure
    • Impaired hearing
    • Physical handicap
    • Behavior disorders
    • Learning disabilities
    • Mental impairment
    • Multiple handicaps 


    Download the Early Childhood Brochure 

    Frequently Asked Questions from the Illinois State Board of Education


    The District also provides the following related and supportive services:

    • Speech and language services
    • Psychological services
    • School social work services
    • Parent-infant education
    • Physical and occupational therapy
    • Adaptive physical education
    • Health services


    Parents who believe their preschool child may qualify for a program should request a screening through the Early Childhood Program (1-847-398-4211). All programs are available to eligible children at age three.



    The Children's Circle Preschool Program

    A very special preschool - the Children's Circle - is one of the programs offered by District 25 Student Services. The Children's Circle is a preschool program that includes typically developing children, children with special needs, and at-risk children in the same classroom.


    Taught by certified District 25 Early Childhood teachers, the program offers many benefits to all the children in the Children's Circle classrooms. The classes are small, offering individualized instructional programs for each child. All the children - including those who do not have special needs - benefit from the specialists such as speech and language therapists who work with the classes. Valuable social lessons, including respect and tolerance, come naturally with the program. The children see that while not everyone can do everything easily, people have different strengths and are praised for them.


    Children with special needs who qualify for Early Childhood programs attend this preschool at no cost. The District charges tuition for typically developing children at rates comparable to other private preschools in the area.


    NSSEO Parent-Infant Education Program

    District 25 participates in the Northwest Suburban Special Education Organization's Parent-Infant Education program, which provides a variety of services to children from birth to three years of age who show delays in development. This program is provided at no cost to parents. Parents can contact staff at 1-847-463-8100 for information about this program.