• #d25ItsPersonal

  • When we began our Strategic Vision 2020 process in February of 2017, we knew we needed input from our community. Our community makes pictures like the above possible, and we knew we wanted that type of input as we set goals and plans for the future of District 25.


    When something is thought of as personal, it has a different level of commitment, passion and dedication to it. The direction of our School District is personal to a lot of people. The collaboration and partnership we have with our community organizations, our parents and our constituents is personal to us. The impact we have on our students who will then grow and represent Arlington Heights, that's personal to us. And, the way our staff and teachers come together to plan, teach, interact and develop relationships with our students is the most personal thing of all.


    Everything done here in District 25 is done from a personal place, within, and we are happy to share it with our parents, the community and the world.


    Check out the Twitter feed to the right to see all of the things happening here, in District 25, that showcase how personal this place is to all involved. Tweet us using the hashtag #d25ItsPersonal to let us know how District 25 is personal to you!


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