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  • Arlington Heights School District 25 wants to establish an open form of communication with our students, families, and community and we believe social media is a great way to help facilitate those relationships. Follow us from a district level on Twitter and Facebook for the latest news, stories, and information regarding District 25 and it's staff.


    Please review our social media guidelines before posting.

  • Facebook

    Some of our schools own and manage a Facebook page as a way to inform parents, community members and students as to the news and happenings of AHSD 25. No interaction will be allowed on Facebook, but rather a one stop shop for updates and news specific to your school and your schools staff. Please understand that only the following Facebook pages are considered District 25 official pages. Any other pages with similar names are not considered viable options for District 25 news and information.


    South Middle School - Facebook

    Dryden Elementary School - Facebook

    Patton Elementary School - Facebook


    Please click the links above to stay up to date on what is happening in your schools and around the district!



    Attention parents! Our goal is to help change the conversation we have with our students. Instead of asking the question: "What did you do at school today?", we hope to help facilitate a more direct question that will better allow our students to open up. "I saw your class did [blank] in school today. Tell me about it!" This can be accomplished through Twitter.

    Each of our nine schools uses and manages their own Twitter account as a way to help engage the public on a more visual and casual level. Our Twitter pages are a great way for you to step into the classroom with your child, using just your phone or devise.


    South Middle School - Twitter

    Thomas Middle School - Twitter

    Dryden Elementary School - Twitter

    Greenbrier Elementary School - Twitter

    Ivy Hill Elementary School - Twitter

    Olive-Mary Stitt Elementary School - Twitter

    Patton Elementary School - Twitter

    Westgate Elementary School - Twitter

    Windsor Elementary School - Twitter 


    Click the links above to follow your school on Twitter and stay informed on the latest, real time, information and news from AHSD 25.

    Via the Parent-Student Handbook:

    District 25 will be able to use the name, work, photograph, video, or interview of a student in district publications and productions. If consent has been granted, parents/guardians must submit a written request to the building administration at any time during the school year to reverse the decision and prohibit the use of their child’s name, work, photograph, video recorded image, or interview in District 25 publications and productions, including, but not limited to student yearbooks, the district website and cable programs.