Home & Hospital Instruction

  • There are times when a student may need to be educated away from school, either at home or in a hospital, due to a medical condition (physical or mental). When a student will be absent due to a medical condition for more than two consecutive weeks, or on an intermittent basis throughout the school year for more than 10 days (with more than two consecutive absences at a time), the student may qualify to receive home­ or hospital­based instruction from a licensed teacher. The purpose of this program is to facilitate a return to school with a minimum of adjustment. Students are eligible to receive one clock hour of tutoring per day of absence. Please note that students participating in Home/Hospital instruction are not eligible for participation in extracurricular activities during times of absence. 

  • If your child requires home­ or hospital-­based instruction, please use the links to the right to access the required forms. Services cannot be initiated until all forms have been received. Forms must be signed by a treating physician and can be returned to:


    Diane Carpenter
    1200 S. Dunton
    Arlington Heights, IL 60004

    Fax: (847) 758­-4906
    Phone: (847) 758-­4878