• Overview

    District 25 uses Math in Focus for Kindergarten through 5th grade students.  This curriculum utilizes a concrete, pictorial, and abstract approach that focuses on problem solving and conceptual understanding of math concepts. In middle school, 6th through 8th grade, students participate in the Big Ideas curriculum that focuses on problem-solving, real-life application, and conceptual understanding through a mix of exploration and practice. Starting in 4th grade, District 25 offers advanced math courses for students who demonstrate a need for grade-level accelerated content.  

  • Standards

    Illinois has adopted the Illinois Learning Standards, which are based on the Common Core State Standards.  District 25 uses the Illinois Learning Standards to align curriculum and inform instruction.  By emphasizing depth over breadth, the Illinois Learning Standards ensures that students have a comprehensive understanding of key concepts. Additional information can be found on the Illinois State Board of Education website.  

  • Instruction

    The Math in Focus program strives to develop conceptual understanding with the goal of content mastery.  Concepts are taught by moving through a sequence from concrete to pictorial to abstract.  Concrete learning happens through hands-on activities with math manipulatives, such as counters, coins, number lines, or base ten blocks.  Pictorial learning uses pictures, drawings, or other forms that illustrate the concept with something more than abstract numbers.  Finally, abstract learning requires students to use numerals, strategies, and problem solving methods to solve problems. Math in Focus is a research-based program that focuses on classroom learning, discussion, and practice.  It strives to balance conceptual understanding, visual learning, and problem solving.

    The Big Ideas Math program, written by Ron Larson and Laurie Boswell, utilizes a research-based, balanced instructional approach that includes both discovery learning and scaffolded lessons.  Big Ideas Math is dedicated to a balanced approach to instruction. The activities and explorations involve student-directed discovery learning, allowing students to develop a conceptual understanding. The discovery learning is followed by scaffolded instruction, giving students the opportunity to utilize clear, precise mathematics language, and structure.

    The D25 Math progression is as follows:

  • Kindergarten

  • 1st Grade

  • 2nd Grade

  • 3rd Grade

  • 4th Grade

  • 5th Grade

  • 6th Grade

  • 7th Grade

  • 8th Grade

  • Algebra

  • Geometry

  • Additional Information

    Math Interventionists
    Each building in District 25 has a math interventionist.  Students will be identified based off of district assessment criteria. Students who receive math intervention are exposed to a variety of programs, which include TouchMath and Number Worlds.

    • K-5 Math Intervention Curriculum: Number Worlds, Do the Math & ZEARN
    • 6-8 Math Intervention Curriculum: ZEARN

    Advanced Math Process
    We identify students for Advanced Math Placement in the spring for the following year starting in 3rd grade.  For additional information on the advanced math placement process, please select the Advanced Math Placement page.