•  Overview

    AHSD25 provides students with an enriching Arts Education starting in Kindergarten and continuing through their 8th grade year. Elementary school students receive instruction in both Art and Music each year. In addition, students have the opportunity to join Band starting in 5th grade. Music for Youth also offers students a chance to study a string instrument starting in Kindergarten. Middle school gives students a wide range of experiences in the Fine Arts. At the middle school level there are 6 disciplines of study in the Creative Arts rotation: Art, Communication Media Arts, Digital Arts & Design, Drama, Music, and STEM. Students experience all 6 disciplines in their 6th grade year and then are given the opportunity to rank these disciplines in 7th and 8th grade (more information on this structure is below).

  • Kindergarten

  • 1st - 5th Grades

  • 6th Grade

  • 7th Grade

  • 8th Grade