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  • Each year, the district administers several state and local assessments to our students. The information obtained from these assessments aids our teachers’ understanding of your child’s strengths and needs in order to design instruction accordingly. If possible, please avoid scheduling outside appointments during testing time. With the exception of the IAR test, each classroom may participate in these assessments at different times throughout the testing window, so you may have to refer to each teacher’s particular testing schedule. 


    Below, please find general assessment information. To your right, you can navigate to specific district assessments for more information.



    Dear Parent(s)/Guardians(s): 


    Throughout the remainder of this school year, District 25 students will participate in state and local assessments. The information obtained from these assessments will help our teachers design differentiated instruction as well as help determine who may need academic intervention and who may qualify for Advanced Placement testing. District 25’s guiding principles for our current assessment plan are to assess students safely, obtain a general snapshot of students’ reading and math strengths and needs while being mindful of the students’ and teachers’ instructional time. While we are limiting assessment this winter, our spring assessment schedule aligns with our assessment schedule from prior years. As we learned from administering district-wide assessments this fall, remote assessment can pose challenges for students and teachers alike. For those students who completed the MAP test in-person this fall, technology difficulties were far easier to problem solve, device connectivity was more stable, and student data was more reliable. For these reasons, District 25 will continue to foster a safe learning environment and, whenever possible, invite students into school to participate in most district-wide assessments this winter and spring. 


    Specifics about District 25’s winter and spring assessments and testing can be seen by clicking here for the rest of the letter.