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  • Overview

    The Arlington Heights School District 25 School Library Media Program is integral to high academic achievement, fostering a culture of literacy and learning. Through an integrated and collaborative program, school library media specialists provide a framework for learning in the 21st Century, ensuring that students and staff are effective users and producers of ideas and information.


    The AHSD 25 School Library Media Program provides students and staff with instruction, resources, and equitable access to ideas and information. The School Library Media Program realizes the vision by providing the following:


    • a certified library and information/media specialist, technology assistance and library support personnel
    • an instructional program designed through collaboration with teachers and integrated into all curricular areas
    • information fluency skills that are fully integrated into the curriculum and promote the ethical use of information
    • an inquiry research model for problem-solving, decision-making and construction of new knowledge
    • updated diverse collections of resources, in various formats, that support the curriculum
    • current instructional and information technologies that enhance learning for students and teachers
    • a culture that fosters an appreciation of literature and promotes lifelong independent reading  
    • equitable and timely access to resources and delivery of services
    • instruction in the skills needed to live in and contribute to a global community
    • facilities that are conducive to learning
    • partnerships with parents and community. 



    Our Library Media Centers (LMC) utilize Arlington Heights School District 25 K-8 LMC Power Standards.  This is a thoughtful blending of selected Illinois Learning Standards for English Language Arts, American Association of School Librarians (AASL) benchmarks, National Educational Technology Standards (NET-S) and Habits of Mind (Costa and Kallick).  




    Students in District 25 benefit from our robust Library Media Centers which blend a traditional library with opportunities to engage in online digital experiences. Each school has a specially trained LMC Director who collaborates with classroom teachers and colleagues for the purpose of integrating critical thinking skills, information literacy, and technology skills into the grade level curriculum. Students in District 25 benefit from the vast collection of resources our Library Media Centers house.  Visitation schedules are established with each classroom to best support grade level goals.  

    The Library Media Center is the information hub of the school. The collection is current, contains a variety of formats, meets student and curricular needs, provides access to diverse points of view and supports recreational reading. The facility accommodates many purposes in separate areas including storytelling, computer use, and instruction.  The Library Media Center is arranged for flexible use by large groups, small groups, and individuals.