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  • Hello District 25 community! This blog will provide you updates on the construction projects happening around the District. In 2015-2016 we saw the expansion of two of our schools, Ivy Hill Elementary and Olive-Mary Stitt Elementary. In 2016-2017 we expanded Thomas Middle School and Windsor Elementary School. This year, Greenbrier Elementary is adding a south wing with four new classrooms and various work spaces. To stay up to date on this project and potential future projects, check this blog often or like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter!

  • Steel up next for GB!

    Posted by Adam Harris on 12/5/2017


    The Greenbrier expansion project is off to a great start. It is currently projected to finish on time (by the first day of school next year) and on budget. As a review, this two story addition will give four new classrooms, three to four ancillary group/teaching spaces that could also be used as offices, ten more parking spaces and a new Early Childhood playground.

    What's new?

    The project broke ground in mid-October, as expected. The foundation and underground plumbing is complete.

    What's to come?

    The steel for the structure of the addition is expected to arrive and begin going up this, if not this week, early next week. It will take two to three weeks to get the steel structure of the addition in place. Then, the masonry work (brick and cement block laying) will begin simultaneously with work on the roofing. 

    Once the steel is up, then the project starts flowing and moving relatively quickly. Parents and community members will start to see the addition look more and more complete from the outside.

    Inside, the electrical, plumbing and HVAC contractors will just be getting started. That work is expected to begin sometime after the New Year.

    What will the spaces be used for?

    The official meeting on these spaces will happen sometime in the spring, but, as of right now, Principal Bingaman and Assistant Principal Kaffka anticipate the two lower classrooms will be used for one of the lower level grades (kindergarten, 1st/2nd grades and maybe early childhood). The anticipation is that the second floor classrooms would be used for the upper level grades (3rd, 4th or 5th). This can change at any time.


    View from the corner of Verde and Roanoke


    The addition will connect to the existing building here.


    Foundation is down, the underground plumbing is done.


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  • Greenbrier is a GO!

    Posted by Adam Harris on 9/28/2017

    Greenbrier Elementary

    At the District 25 School Board meeting last Thursday, the construction bids submitted to expand Greenbrier were unanimously approved. This means that the project has gone through all of the correct levels of approval (Village Plan Commission, Village Board, District 25 School Board) to now begin construction.

    What new spaces is Greenbrier getting?

    When this project is all said and done, Greenbrier will have four brand new classrooms located in a new south wing. This two story wing will also contain three to four ancilary group/teaching spaces that could also be used as offices.

    Outside the building, the expansion will add a new Early Childhood playoground and ten more parking spaces to the south, west lot off of Roanoke Drive.


    Greenbrier Expansion Plans


    What exsisting spaces will be improved at Greenbrier?

    The timing of this project works well as Greenbrier has exsisting building projects due that were included in the bids approved on Thursday night. It made sense to tackle these projects such as new roofing for a number of sections, air handler replacements throughtout entire building and energy efficient lighting improvements along with the expansion project.

    The exsisting building will also see a new playground for the main building built.

    What is the timeline for this project?

    Friday, September 29 - Fencing goes up.
    Week of October 2 - Prep work to begin.
    Mid October - Groundbreaking on addition/expansion.
    Summer 2018 - Work begins on the interior.
    First Day of School 2018-2019 - Entire project is complete and ready for students.

    When will I start to see an impact as a parent? What will it look like?

    On Friday the fence will go up for the project. Bobcats and small equiptment will be on site for prep work beginning next week. 

    The traffic proceedure for drop-off and pick-up remains unchanged at this time.

    The EC playground will be temporarily closed during construction but the building is making accomidations for EC's outdoor time.

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  • Thomas and Windsor show off their brand new spaces!

    Posted by Adam Harris on 8/30/2017

    The new spaces at Thomas Middle School and Windsor Elementary School hosted their first students ever on Monday, August 28, and there were smiles across the board!

    Below are two videos taken on the first day of school, detailing some fun aspects of the expansion projects at both schools. You can also scroll and find pictures of the new spaces.



    The Thomas expansion project went super smoothly. The addition of 7 new classrooms (including a band room, music room and drama room), a new gymnasium, a new front entrance and an expanded commons area were all available for full use when the students stepped foot into Thomas on Monday.

    The building is brighter as more natural light can now find its way down the hall ways and into different rooms.

    A BIG thank you to the TMS staff, students, parents and surrounding community for their patience and support. Arlington Heights has provided its youth with an inspiring space to learn and grow in.



    Despite a tight timeline of just over five months (this project broke ground in late March of 2017) the Windsor project was completed on time and on budget, and because of this, the students were able to get in and explore their new spaces on the first day of school.

    This project added onto/doubled the size of their gymnasium, it added a new wing to the building that houses five new classrooms and new meeting spaces for staff, and it expanded the commons/lunch area to comfortably house a growing student body. The positive energy was flowing at an even greater rate than normal on the first day, and that is because of the dedicated and supportive Arlington Heights community that gave these Wildcats their new space.

    A BIG thank you to the Windsor staff, students, parents and surrounding community for their patience and support. Arlington Heights has provided its youth yet another inspiring space to learn and grow in.




    New TMS Front Entrance

    New front entrance at TMS.

    New band room at TMS

    New band room at TMS - there is a new drama and music room as well.


    New gymnasium at TMS

    New gymnasium at TMS.

    New Windsor gymnasium

    New gymnasium at Windsor.


    New wing at Windsor with five new classrooms and new meetings spaces for staff.

    New wing at Windsor with five new classrooms and new meetings spaces for staff.


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  • They are almost done!

    Posted by Adam Harris on 7/6/2017


    The substantial interior work on Thomas Middle School began the day after the students went home for the summer. The demolition is nearly complete as workers are building out the new classrooms that are taking the space left by the old locker rooms.

    The new fitness center is being built out and the commons expansion is ongoing. The majority of the TMS restrooms are being renovated as well.

    There is a lot going on, but a mid august completion is still expected.


    Windsor’s exterior and interior projects are happening simultaneously and seamlessly. The demolition is complete in the commons and the workers are ready to expand it. The gym is now double it’s original size, as the wall separating the old and new was taken down after school let out for the summer. The next step for the gym is the installation of the floor.

    The floors and windows, and interior walls of the five new classrooms are nearing completion. Next up for the new classrooms are various finishings like ceiling tiles, lights, cabinets and paint. The classroom work should move quickly over the next week and a half.

    This project is expected to be complete and ready to welcome our Windsor Wildcats back to school on August 28.

    Remember to follow #WindsorGrows on Twitter to see the inside look at the day by day progress of the expansion.

    Steady K-5 growth and a popular Early Childhood program at Greenbrier make them next up for expansion. Our Department of Facilities just received approval from the Village’s Conceptual Plan Review Committee in a preliminary step in the overall approval process. Now, we plan to submit a formal application to the Village for formal review. This application will have greater detailed bid specifications.

    We plan to go out to bid toward the end of July or early in August. The preliminary plan is to break ground on the project in late October/early November. That timeline sets us up to be finished by the 2018-2019 school year.


    Inside Look at Thomas and Windsor!


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  • We're playing basketball

    Posted by Adam Harris on 5/19/2017

    Thomas Middle School

     The new gymnasium has seen a lot of progress since the last blog post. It has been painted and the lights have been installed. Basketball hoops are being placed and the tile work is being completed for the locker rooms. The next step is to install the wood flooring for the court. That is expected to take place in the next few weeks.

    The interior work is going to begin once school lets out and will continue through the summer. That work includes:

    • Converting the current gymnasium into the new music and band rooms.
    • Converting the current locker room space into four new classrooms.
    • Commons expansion
    • New fitness center


    Windsor Elementary School

    This project is on time and on budget.

    The following are projects that are ongoing:

    • Masonry for the walls of the classroom additions
    • Roof work for the expanded gymnasium
    • Mechanical, electrical, plumbing work required for the expansion.

    Click below to view the updated traffic map, which was created in partnership with Windsor community members and the Village. The plan is to implement the plan this fall. That is when we will take another look at how it is performing and make modifications if necessary.

    Windsor Traffic Map

    *As always, you can follow the daily progress of the Windsor expansion project by searching the hashtag #WindsorGrows on Twitter. (You do not need a Twitter account to search this hashtag. Type it into google.) 


    Greenbrier Elementary School

    We are currently reviewing expansion concepts and will update the board as specified in the previous blog post.

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  • On time and on budget!

    Posted by Adam Harris on 4/21/2017

    Thomas Middle School

    If you haven't driven by Thomas Middle School in a while do so soon! The expansion project at Thomas is going really well. It is on schedule and on budget and we would like to send a big THANK YOU out to the TMS community (students, parents and staff) for your patience and willingness to adapt. Right now, the workers are getting ready to pour the concrete floor as a base for the gymnasium. Within the next week, our workers are expected to be done with that process, along with finishing the roofing for the gymnasium and the lockerroom section. Check out the video below for a recent flyover of the expansion project:



    Windsor Elementary School

    The Windsor staff have really embraced this expansion project! Check it out for yourself on Twitter by searching the hashtag #WindsorGrows. You do not need a Twitter account to search this hashtag. Just click #WindsorGrows and scroll down the timeline for the most up to date informationn in between blogs. What you can expect to see there is the foundation going down for the classroom addition. The steel for the gymnasium addition is going up as well so you can see the structure for the new gym!

    There is a traffic flow update meeting next Monday night at Village Hall. Details for this meeting can be found by clicking here.



    Greenbrier Elementary School

    At the April 6 board meeting, the Board was updated on the possibility of a Greenbrier expansion. The District expects to bring forth detailed drawings to the Board with better cost estimates in the next few months. Early Childhood is expected to stay at Greenbrier with this expansion.


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  • Windsor Pick-up/Drop-Off & TMS Update

    Posted by Adam Harris on 2/23/2017

    Thomas Middle School

    Just a quick update is needed here because things are going very smoothly at TMS. Currently construction workers are beginning masonry in the new locker rooms. The structural steel for the hallway on the west side of the gym and the hallway for the new office and main lobby on the east side of gym has arrived and will be going up in the next few weeks.

    "This has been a smooth project. The weather has been great in assisting us to stay on schedule to open in the fall for students to arrive." - Ryan Schulz, Director of Facilities, AHSD 25


    Windsor Elementary School

    Tonight, the Village Board approved the ordinance for District 25 to move forward with the Windsor expansion project. The fencing is up at Windsor and the plan is to break ground this week.

    At the previous Village Board Meeting, the Board directed Village staff to work with District 25 and the Windsor community to review traffic safety and the drop-off and pick-up processes. Two meetings were held on March 2 at Village Hall. Suggestions were shared and discussed. The next steps are:

    • The Village and District 25 will continue to meet and evaluate the suggestions/ideas generated at the meetings to insure the safest drop-off and pick-up process for our students. The topics include:
      • Reviewing all signage around Windsor School
      • Considering additional hardscape along Windsor Drive
      • Carpooling, biking, and walking - promotion/marketing campaign (District wide campaign)
      • More input from D25 crossing guards.
      • Exploring if a cut in lane works along Windsor Drive
      • Finalize procedures for the expanded parking lot/drop-off on the west side of the property.
    • The Village and District 25 will continue to update the community on their discussions and findings.
    • The District and Village staff will cohost another meeting with the Windsor residents to review the finalized plan.

    Thank you to the Village for hosting this meeting and thank you to the residents for sharing ideas about Windsor's drop-off/pick-up process.

    Stay up to date with the Windsor Expansion project here!

    UPDATED - 3/10/17 @ 12 pm:

    You are welcome to join Dr. Bein on Tuesdays when school is in session at 3:45p - 4:30p at Windsor to ask questions and hear the updates first hand.

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  • Thomas climbing, Windsor progressing

    Posted by Adam Harris on 1/23/2017

    Windsor Elementary School

    This was a big month for the Windsor expansion project. At the January board meeting (1/19) held at Dryden Elementary School the District 25 Board of Education conditionlly approved and awarded the 11 Windsor bid packages. The approval was conditional because it is pending final Village board approval.

    Windsor timeline through early March, 2017:

    • Fencing to go up around Windsor in late February (most likely President's Day weekend)
      • This will allow time for families, neighbors, students, staff and the Windsor community to get familiar with any changes in commuting or drop off/pick up that could occur due to construction and fencing.
      • Here is the Windsor site logistics plan to give an early look at processes once fencing goes up:
      • Windsor Site Logistics Plan - Revised 1/18/2017

    Windsor Site Logistics Plan

    • We expect the Windsor project to break ground in early March.

    This is all pending Village Plan Commission and Village Board approvals.


    Thomas Middle School

    Thomas' expansion project is moving on as planned and smoothly. If you drive by you will see that the new gym's exterior walls have begun to take shape with steel beams. Over the next few weeks, that will continue to progress, and steel will be brought in for the new front office and new main entrance additions.

    Watch this flyby video to see where those will be constructed.


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  • Bonds, Windsor, Thomas & Greenbrier UPDATE

    Posted by Adam Harris on 12/16/2016

    Good afternoon!

    At the December 15 board meeting, the School Board passed the resolution providing for the issue of not to exeed $31,9000,000 General Obligation Limited School Bonds. This money will be used to pay for the Thomas expansion project (already under way), the Windsor expansion project (expected to break ground this spring and be completed by the start of the 2017 school year) and some life-safety work.

    This means that District 25 now can sell the $31,900,000 in bonds in January as planned. The goal is to sell these bonds in early 2017 to capitalize on a lower interest rate in a market where interest rates are expected to rise as 2017 goes on.


    Greenbrier Expansion

    Today, Dr. Bein and her team will meet with the Greenbrier administration to go over possible plans to alleviate the need for two modular classrooms at the school. The District previously looked at the option of bringing the Early Childhood program (that Greenbrier currently hosts) to the Dunton Administration building but after further discussion and research, the team believes adding to Greenbrier is the best instructional and financial option at this point.


    Thomas Expansion

    At Thomas, the project is running on time and on budget. It is expected to be completed by the first day of school in August of 2017. For project details or to see video and view an interactive 3D image of the construction so far, please see the blog post from 11/17/16.


    Windsor Expansion

    The pre-bid meeting was held for the Windsor project earlier this week and the project bids will be due by January 10. The anticipation is that the bids will be brought to the D25 Board at their February 16 meeting. The project could then break ground in the spring and be completed by the first day of school in August of 2017.

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  • Steel & Bids - Thomas & Windsor

    Posted by Adam Harris on 11/30/2016

    Thomas Middle School Expansion

    The expansion project at TMS is progressing along as planned. A majority of the concrete foundations are nearing completion which will set the crew up to work on the structural aspect of TMS in late December. Expect to see steel beams and the steel structure beginning to take shape by mid January.

    According to District 25's Director of Facilities & Grounds Ryan Schulz, the Thomas project is on time and going smoothly. As of now, the plan remains to complete expansion by the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year.


    Here is an update from District 25's Superintendent Dr. Lori Bein's Twitter account:



    *Because of summer construction, please be on the lookout for future communication regarding summer office procedures for Thomas Middle School.*



    Windsor Elementary Expansion

    UPDATE: The architect is finalizing drawings and bid documents for the Windsor expansion project. The plan is for this project to go out to bid in early December. We are hoping to award the Windsor project bids at the January 19th School Board meeting.

    After that we will review the project with our construction manager to determine when to break ground. The timing of that is very weather dependent.

    Windsor plans


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